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X-rays Liquid Fill Level Inspection for Beverage

A fill level inspection is an important form of quality control which can test the height of liquid inside a container during filling operations.This machine provides the detection of level of product and the rejection of underfilled or overfilled containers with PET,can or glass bottle.

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Model NO.: TJYWXS15
Type: Fill level inspector
Brand : T-Line
Customized: Yes
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Application: Mineral water, soda water, juice drinks,tea drinks,protein drinks,milk drinks,carbonated drinks, energy drinks and beer in PET,can and glass bottle

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Product Details


Filling the drinks with a standard level become increasingly challenge because overfilling and underfilling have a substantial impact on both customer satisfaction and profitability.For transparent bottles,camera technology can be used to take liquid level images from the front, and a professional image processing system can be used to detect high and low levels. The X-ray level detector is designed for the liquid level detection of opaque containers. The liquid level of products can be determined by analyzing the different X-ray absorptivity of the inclusions.


Applicable containers: two-pieces can, three-pieces can, glass, PET and other bottle types.

Technical parameter

Capacity 1500pcs/min
Dimension 780*900*1930mm(L*W*H)
Weight 40kg
Rejection rate of unqualified products ≥99.9%(Detection speed reached 1500 cans/min)
Power ≤250W
Container diameter 40mm -120mm
Container temperature Within the scope of 0°C to 40°C, not affected by temperature changes
Working conditions ≤95%(40°C), Power supply: ~ 220V ± 20V,50Hz

Equipment principle

The company developed and produced X-ray liquid level inspector. It uses the principle that the intensity of the ray will change with the position of the material surface after the interaction between the low-energy photon source and the substance to be measured, to detect the volume of the filling liquid material. Because of its non-contact measuring method, it has solved the most difficult problem that the conventional weighing method cannot measure the filling liquid material capacity on the production line. Therefore, it is widely used in online detection of food and beverage.

Structure characteristic

1. Non-contact detection, high detection speed and high precision.
2. Work under the variable speed of the conveyor belt in the assembly line.
3. Restricted by the stability of the conveyor belt speed.
4. Strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, and good long-term stability
5. Show the cumulative count of qualified and unqualified cans (bottles).
6. Sound and light alarm at the same time, and automatically reject the unqualified cans (bottles).
7. Instrument set up test program and debug program, has the function of automatic fault checking.
8. SUS304 and hard alumina materials are adopted, and the main machine and probe are integrated, so that the instrument has beautiful appearance, convenient installation,and strong environmental adaptability.
9. No 'three waste pollution', safe and reliable ray protection. High cost performance.

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