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Labeling Inspection Machine for Pet Bottles Beverage Plant

Labeling inspection machine is installed on the single straight chain after the labeling machine or labeling machine. Visual detection technology is used to detect the high and low labels of PET bottles or the quality defects of joint labels and eliminate the unqualified products in time.

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Type: Labeling inspector
Brand: T-Line
Customized: Yes
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Application: PET bottle juice drinks,water,tea drinks,energy drinks,milk drinks etc.

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Label inspector,labeling inspection system,labeling detection machine,label detecting machine, label checker,vision inspection system,label tester,labeling testing machine,label checking machine,PET bottle production line,online testing system.

Product Details


The equipment is made up of detection unit, HMI, control unit and rejector, suitable for label detection of high speed PET bottled production line.

Detection function: no label detection,wrinkled label detection, crack label detection, joint label detection, misalignment label detection, high and low label detection and displacement label detection, etc.


Technical parameters

Dimension (L*W*H)700*650*1928mm
Power 0.5kw
Voltage AC220V/single phase
Capacity 1500 cans/minute
External air source >0.5Mpa
External air source flow >500L/min
External air source interface Outside diameter φ10 air pipe
Air consumption of rejector ≈0.01L/time(0.4Mpa)
Detection speed Conveyor belt≤120m/min
Temperature 0℃~45℃
Humidity 10%~80%
Altitude <3000m

The equipment adopts a professional image processing system, which can realize 360-degree all-round detection. The simple design of the bottle changing lifting mechanism can quickly adapt to various bottle types through simple manual adjustment. The compact inspection cabinet minimizes the equipment footprint. The detection operation status and fault conditions are displayed on the man-machine interface with pictures and texts. The detection unit can also be configured according to customer requirements.


Technical parameter

Dimension 900*800*2600mm
Materials SUS304
Total power 0.7KW
External power supply AC220V/single phase
Power frequency 50/60HZ
Speed 1500 ph/min
External air source 0.5Mpa
Air consumption 0.01L/time

Equipment features and layout

Light source: LED surface light source, with a life span of 30,000 hours, using the backlight illumination method, the edge contour of the object to be measured can be clearly outlined; in the image, the marked part is black, and the non-marked part is white, forming a "Black and white" images that are convenient for system analysis and processing.

Lens: Using manual aperture fixed focus lens, by adjusting the "focus adjustment ring" to make the image imaged on the CCD target surface the clearest, and by adjusting the "aperture adjustment ring", the brightness of the image is optimal.

Camera: The area array CCD analog camera is used, the resolution of the camera is 640*480 pixels, and the image acquisition speed can reach 80 frames/second.

Layout diagram: After the labeling machine, it is required to be on a single-segment chain path of more than 1500mm, the relative clearance of the bottle during the running process is more than 2cm, the relative jitters of the chain at the installation position is relatively small, and the guardrail is smooth

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